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Here are a variety of different brass models cast from masters made on our SolidScape T-66 modeler. These models are all masters at 104% of scale size, the 4% to allow for the vulcanized rubber mold shrinkage.

Here are the two heavy counterweights of the NYC J-3a Hudson wheel centers. They have been lathe-turned on the counterweights and hubs to provide a smooth surface for molding. These is still material on these faces for a skim cut.

Here is one of the NYC J-3a Hudson heavy wheels raw cast. There is extra material on the hub, counterweight and rim for machining.

Here is a PRR K-4s Pacific heavy counterweight Union Web spoke wheel. This is a master and is slightly oversized.

Here are the three counterweight variations for the PRR K-4s Pacific with spoked wheel.

Here is the backside of the wheels above.

Here are the three counterweight variations for the NYC J-3a Hudson as cast.

Here are the three wheels for the Virginian E-3 electric. Notice the extra material on the rims and faces.

Here is the heavy Baldwin Disk wheel for the PRR K-4s Pacific. This just turned out nice!

Here are the two masters for the Union Web spoke wheel centers for the PRR K-4s locomotive. These are awesome and clean castings, you can see the crystal boundaries in the brass.

Here are the two PRR I-1 stacks. These will be polished first before they are rubber molded.

Here are the three PRR modern headlight masters. You can see the tessellation lines from when the computer model was exported to the SolidScape T-66 modeler. Although these are barely noticeable and could be polished out, by the time the parts are rubber molded, waxed and cast again, you’ll not see them.

Here is a Sand Dome for a PRR I-1 model. The original (which was made by Sunset) looks too much like a K-4s sand dome. This part will be polished out before it is rubber molded.

Here are two spoke varieties for a PRR K-4s Pacific. These wheel centers were redone to thicken the rim and hollow out the machining spud on the back to alleviate axial shrinkage. These are just nice masters!

Here are the spoked wheel centers for the PRR M-1 and M-1a Mountain locomotive. These just turned out nice! There is extra material on the rim and faces, to allow for machining and a nice skim cut to be taken on the wheel face.